KRT Carts


KRT Carts also known as Krt vapes is known to hit users quickly, sometimes taking effect before they’ve had a chance to even exhale.

KRT Carts flavors 

There are serval awesome krt carts flavors out here and here is our list below;

Kosher Kush (I) | Jack Herer (S) | Platinum OG (H) | Zkittlez (I) | Strawnana (I) | Ghost haze (S) | Purple Haze (I) | Green crack (S) | Strawberry (H) | Rainbow cake (I) | Bubble kush (I) | Royal berry (S) | Royal cookies (I) | white widow (H) | Fat banana (I) | Cherry pie (I) | Skywalker OG (I) | SFV OG (H) | Prada kush (I) | Tropical punch (H) | Kiwi Kush (I) | Alien Kush (H) | Gelato (H) | Red Dragon (S) | Durban poison (S) | 100K OG (I) | Godfather OG (I) | Midnight OG (I) | Very berry (H) | Khalifa Kush (S) | Horchata (S) | Dirty sprite (S) | Lil banana (S) | Wild cherry (H) | Pineapple Blast (H) | King louie XIII (I) | White Peach (S) | Berrylicious (S) | Kushy Kush (I) | Dapper Daze (I) | Royal-Tee (I) | Razzberry (I) | Gorilla breath (H) | Beachberry cake (H) | Orange creme (I) | Hoosier Diesel (I) | Grape pop (H) | Krueger kush (I)

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